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 41 *NEW* The Lord Of The Rings icons.
These are cool. It's alittle from 1&2&3.
From the fist time I saw The Lord Of THe rings I was inlove♥
Ive never seen any othe rmovie that can do what it does to me!!
And never will any other movie be any greater! TLOTR will always
be the #1 movie in world history! My heaven is Middle Eearth! :}
Here is a set of icons i made:

+I ♥ comments!
+textless are not bases.
+Nominating is ♥
+please credit if taking.
+comment on my site please!


another newb :o

This community doesn't seem very active but you know what?

I luuuurrrvvvvvveee Gandalf and Sir Ian. *gives Gandie plushies to all and eats Gandie cookies*

I make alot of Gandalf icons so...I'll probably dump them here if this place gets more active *scurries off*  ^-^
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zombie manda.


greetings all!
...just joined the commmunity.

i LOVE gandalf.
so much sometimes i even think i'm gandalf.

anyways, i really want to get some gandalf inspired tattoos...
i was thinking maybe of getting his staffs on my arms...
but i'm not really sure at this point.

i was hoping you guys would give me some ideas.

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Delusive Dreams: A Celebrity RPG

Wanted: Ian Mckellen

Delusive Dreams (third_stanza) is looking for someone to fill the role of Ian McKellen.

While we’re not exactly picky, we’d love to have more experienced role-players become a part of our community. An active community, Delusive Dreams is slash-friendly, and offers additional sub-communities to further your role-playing experience.

Interested in joining? Please visit our community website, or you can go here to view the members that are currently part of our role-play.

Questions? Contact any of our moderators:
Keira Knightley
Holly Marie Combs
Kate Winslet

Or you can email us at: delusivedreams@epals.com

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Ok. Here is the deal:
I've been hit by a very nasty something, I think it might be the russian meme thing. I don't know. So, basically I need to check out if I can see my own posts in communities at the moment. Sounds weird? Don't even ask. And NEVER play any of those weird looking russian memes. Thats all.